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Originally Posted by SUNNYboi View Post
Ok ima give it to you guys st8 cuz when I see ppl saying that it just gets me a little upset.

There is no such thing as the new skyline. Its called the GT-R, that's it, and its not a R35. The actually "new" skyline is the G35 here in the states. Its been out for years now. Its body code is V35 skyline. The same way it came here is the same way its in japan it just has nissan badges and says Skyline 350GT on the back. No all wheeldrive no twinturbo. Nissan really killed the skyline name with that model.
Yeah, they don't call it the Skyline anymore. At the Detroit Auto Show, it was GT-R.

Looks better in person.

armedfuture (3:14:56 AM): they get upset easy when you use big words like "rental" and "air"
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