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TagSportz / Predator is down for the count currently!
They do have a video of the 06 Borg over a Pact timer and they in fact show you the numbers on the screen. 34 BPS was the Average!
Also it is the fastest marker they've found when trying to push the Cheetah board to it's extreme limits! You'll note this video has been posted many times over on this forum:
I'm glad to see Bob Long is catching up. My point is you could pick up an 06 Borg for $350 if you look hard enough.
But for the doubters......07 Borg off of my own server......this is with only a reloader B2 @ 30 BPS Notice he's shooting paint and it's not breaking!

Sure if I played the PSP any old marker would do.........but I don't.......I shoot 34 BPS and over 2700 rounds on my 92/45......
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