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Originally Posted by timmyshoota
If you have a video with paint of your gun doing 33bps I'll believe it. Until then, don't make a claim that your gun shoots 33bps. Anything over 15bps is overkill anyways, since 99% of people can't walk over 15bps consistently.
He has a good point. Why do you think the PSP even changed the limits?
33 balls a second would clear a hopper in about 6 seconds, saying that a loader holds ~200 balls. Id like to see that vid when you get the chance to post one up-
Originally Posted by timmyshoota
Now, what do Cyborgs do better than Timmys again? Thats right, everything thats up to personal opinion.
Hes got a point. All guns are based off of personal preference these days. Different types of guns are getting great consistancy out there, making the choice of todays guns mostly personal preference. Egos are also very good markers that Timmyshoota points out. With DM's, PM's, Egos, Timmies, Angel, and PL guns up there, there isnt a whole lot of difference between the guns. Milling and style come play a big role here-
Originally Posted by timmyshoota
Next time you're gonna say a gun out performs another, back it up with real points, not trivial things.

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It just occurred to me that "bad company" may be a terrible name for a team sponsored by only one company.