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Default Re: Angel questions for a friend

The A1 resale is in the crapper so you can pick up for cheap....say $350 with with magno valve.

I have owned the A1 three different times and really liked them. The only problem with them is they are highly anal on lpr settings. A gauge set is pretty much a must unless you enjoy having the bolt stick forward. So either find one that includes the gauge set or be prepared to fork over $50 so you can keep it running.

If your looking for a more carefree angel the G7/G7 fly platform is always referred to as the "workhorse" of angels. Only requires a couple drops of oil in the ASA and its good to go. On the plus side A1 uses newer barrel threads so you can get G7 UL backs for like $20 bnib now.

G7 requires rechargable battery unless you can find a tadao board but those are fairly rare as they were not mass produced. The A1 takes a regular 9V.

Any angel requires either a LP tank or buy a reg adapter and put on a different reg. Yes it will run on HP but the velocity will be all over the place on the G7 and my not go below 300 fps and on the A1 your going to get bolt sticking forward.

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