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Default **NEW VIDEO** New Vid From Hoppy 56K... no, lol

Ok so I got bored one night and got out some of the videos from this summer. Started messing around with it and this is what came out.

I make acouple passes and then it switches to the owner of the boat for awhile then it come back to me. Should be able to tell just by the skiing, but Matt(the owner) has greenish shorts on and has red and white on the top of his ski and red lettering on the bottom of his ski.

Profanity is used in the music.

OK so yesterday we went up to a ski resort and my dad took this. Got lazy on the editing though. Prolly the worst conditions to snowboard in. The snow was thick, heavy and slow. Plus there was a very strong wind blowing straight up the park and pipe. Also some of the wrost park and pipe riding done by me in a long time.

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