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Default Re: Anybody watching the free fight's on Spike TV tonight?

Originally Posted by Drefish99
Yeah that BJ Penn fight was pretty good. What happened to BJ Penn after that? I never saw when he lost the belt and to whom.
K here's the story on that!

BJ beat Hughes.
BJ then decides to take a fight for K1 to fight Duane "Bang" Ludwig (he fought last night with that 11 second KO) and Dana White told him if he fought he was going to strip him of the belt and tear up his contract!
BJ went and fought Ludwig and beat him I think by KO!
BJ go the belt stripped from him and lost his contract with the UFC.
BJ sues and they reach a payout agreement.
UFC want's to bring in the best now that they have the SpikeTV contract so they resign BJ Penn! He came out at the last PPV wearing a shirt that said "Still the champ"
Under Penn's contract it is stated that he get's to fight the number one contender (which is now St. Pierre) then if he win's he fight's for the welterweight title!
If he win's both of them and get's the welterweight title his contract states then that his third fight he will be fighting the middleweight champion for his title!

He pull's all that off he will be legend status I believe!

Oh yeah in between him being stripped of the welterweight title and being resigned he fought at welterweight(170) then fought at middleweight(185) and took a fight fight a heavyweight in which BJ only weighed in at 183 lb's in that match. I think he lost to a decision though I can't remember!

I don't think he will be St. Pierre though but we will see!

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