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Default Re: Spyder 4+1 (Digotal camo)

i had one of the older generations of the spyder harness back in my newb days

i stuck a 20oz of there and the harness was slipping off my ass when i ran, the way the pods stuck out annoyed me and mess with my crouching and aiming. also i think the way the pods stuck out made me a slighter bigger target from the sides,

i was excited from getting this pack but it disappointed when i used it
overall it was ok and didn't like it very much, these new gens look like they'll do the same.

also nxe and reds has packs that hold tanks like that on your back and hold your pods up vertically,
i bought one of the redz ones and i liked it much better than the spyder one
it held much better on my waist than the spyder one and never felt like it fall off my ass when i ran with the weight of the tank back there
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