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Default Re: Any other hobbies?

My hobbies:

Racing (Stockcars, F3's, Drag)
Auto Repair/Restoration
Video Games
Architecture Design
Card Collecting
Music (yes it can be a hobby...)
Art (drawing, sculpting, photography fits in too I suppose)
Motorcycles (soon)

So far, that's about it. I really like racing... and my heart lies in the automotive field, but photography shares that heart closely.

Originally Posted by Critical
No, girls are a hobby. Women are the full time job.
Amen to that. I guess I can deal with the immaturity of my freshly 16 year old girlfriend because of how much I love her... but I sort of miss the maturity of my 18 year old ex. Funny how only a few years makes a huge difference.

armedfuture (3:14:56 AM): they get upset easy when you use big words like "rental" and "air"
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