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Default ACS Break In

Here is a simple guide to break in your ACS bolt so you stop chopping paint.

I will be using my wife's brand new Pilot ACS to do this. I know of 3 ways to do this & all are shown below. There are a few other ways to do this but these were the first I could think of.

1. You will have to disassemble your marker to get to your bolt. If you are unsure on how to disassemble it, follow Otter's disassembly & assembly guide.

2. Set the marker & internals off to the side out of the way.

3a. Take the bolt in your hand & place your thumb over the front of the bolt. Now wrap your index finger around the bolt pin & pull. Release & repeat. This maybe very boring but will work your finger(s) out.

If that is uncomfertable use your middle finger to pull the pin & wrap the index around the bolt.

3b. Now if you don't want to take the time to compress the bolt time after time you can take a rubber band, I used a hair tie rubber band thingy, put over the bolt pin & pull it to the front of the bolt.

The rubber band may not have enough force or be to long to use so just double it up. Let it set for a while.

3c. If you just happen not to have a rubber band you can use a dresser. Open it up. I put a wash cloth over the back side of the front of the dresser so the bolt tip isn't hurt.

Now close it & walk away.

Once you have broke the bolt in you won't have to worry about chopping. This is what will happen when the ball is half way in the chamber when the marker is fired.

Hope this helps out the new folks with this bolt!!

Remember, happy balls are not busted balls!!

Mods, if yall don't see this guide fit for KUSA feel free to delete it.
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