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Default Re: Electra New Barrel

1. it is a good barrel? the one of the link.. you recommend me? if you have another better, show me I DONT CARE ABOUT THE MONEY i want a very nice barrel.
Yes it's a good barrel, but for 109 bucks. I would spend a little bit more and get a T-tech or a Freak with inserts.
2. I was looking in these links: Dye Ultralite Barrel complete
Dye Carbon Fiber Boomstick Barrel
Dye Barrel's are nice it's you have a .689 paint bore, most paint runs a bit small theses days, atleast up in the northeast it does
and doesn't have the spyder threaded... ??

and i want a carbon fiber barrel... but if there are not for the electra Show me a link with the barrel that you recommend please and thanks. Carbon fiber will only shave off an ounce maybe 2

3. boomstick, autococker, cocker and spyder are different threaded?? or some are the same???
Spyder Has it's own threads, autococker nor any others will fit Spyder threads.
What would I recommend is this
You can find them sometimes cheaper on Ebay.
If you are looking for a cheap Dye boomstick I do have one for sale in the Sales Thread on this site.

As a side note you can have yourself a $139 barrel but if the paint doesn't match the bore size of the barrel it doesn't make more of a difference than a stock barrel.
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