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Default Re: Calling all fathers!!! I need advice!!!

Originally Posted by Sandman_Bravo View Post
The primary reason (I was told) that 10 years old is the minimum age is that:
1- masks don't fit correctly and snugly on smaller heads
2-prior to 10 there isn't enough developed musculature and/or fat to sustane a paintball hit without undue trauma.
But beyond that, I wouldn't trust too young of a child to fully grasp the reprecussions of not following safety procedures.
BTW, my oldest boy played a few games at 9 but starts his first real year of paintball this year at 10 1/2.
On your first mark you sort of have a point, on a general masks, however there are masks that will fit a kids head.
On point #2, don't try and talk biology and development, because take it from a bio major, you have NO idea what you are talking about.

In florida, the waver must be signed by a parent or guardian of at least 21 years old, or 18 to sign your own.
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