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Default Re: Display for my room :/

hrmm...hi guys, in response to some guy talking about the screws, first of all..why do you ppl care about stuff like that haha :P no but seriously, for the board itself, there are 4 screws (top/bottom) across, one for each stud going across. The reason i put 4 there was #1. cuz three would be off balance? no lol. being that the board is placed on the studs in quarters and #2. You gotta keep in mind, they are wood screws and well a spyder and a tank and stuff is being placed on it so its gotta really hold. and if talking about the little tiny shelf holding the pods. I put it up really fast while cleaning my room. I had 4 screws in my hand, didnt wanna put them away, so i just screws them in lol (yes i know the two middle ones arent doing anything ).

Anyhoo phew, who cares about all this lol!? i just wanted to explain.

btw, if anyone wants one, ill sand and stain one and send it out in a kit, only assembly would be inserting the dowells ( I spelled that completely wrong i bet ) into the board which would be predone and screwing it into the pay shipping and well pay me to do it haha. i know you lazy's out there wouldnt mind someone doing simple work for you. Its why we have the tv remote control!
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