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Default Re: running an ep gun on co2

yeah, hooking up the lpr to the 4way wouldn't be a problem. i think instead of using an alias noid when i build my bushmaster/em1 i'll use a cocker lpr and a cocker 4way with a tboard and spyder esp frame. that way i save a bit of money (60 dollar noid compared to cheap cocker parts) and i'll build something i doubt anyone has done before. the only gun that comes close to what i'm doing would be the wrath. but it uses a 3way noid since it's a fasor. building it this way would deffinetly make it less able to be damaged easily (blowing noids etc) and make it easier for me to use the gun since i only have 1 hpa tank, vs 3 20oz tanks. i think i twould be pretty cool and if i do it cleanly enough, it woudl really freak people out when i use an ep gun with co2 haha
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