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Default Spyder Aggressor XT question

I checked a lot of the forum, used the search tool but couldn't find any info on a bit about me first and then my question!

Ok so it's been several years since I have done any paint balling. My gun is a Spyder Aggressor XT(green if that makes any difference as I know there is also a blue one, not sure if they are designed the same or not). I have had it for...shesh I think over 10 years. Anyway, a group of guys from work play and asked me to join them, however I was told that the course they go to only allows HPA, which after checking the internet apparently the change wouldn't be overly difficult to go from CO2 to HPA, though they didn't specify if any marker could do this.

On the side of my gun is says to use CO2 only.

So, my question is this, is it possible to change a Spyder Aggressor XT to HPA, and if so, what would I need? I purchased an air tank from Sheels Sporting goods, the make of it is Pure Energy so I already have that, anything else I would need?

I know I shouldn't have without asking first, but I attached the filled air tank to my gun just to see if it would stay cocked, which it did, I even "popped" off a couple of shots to make sure it would re-cock. I didn't have any paint in the gun, so I have no idea whether or not it will chop the balls or not (guess this depends on how much psi the tank is providing to the gun?)

Thanks in advance for any responses to my quandary!! I only have 2 weeks before their next outing, so I would really want to get the gun prepped before then, hopefully by this next weekend if possible!
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