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Originally Posted by shunut View Post
I've been stuck at 10s and 12s. One of my earring holes got infected and completely closed. Now I am working my way back up to 12ga on that one so I can move to 8s and 10s. Not sure where I'll stop, probably some where around 4ga.
Def the way to do it. I regret not down sizing everytime I had an incident with my ear, luckily they turned out okay. I told myself to stop at 00g but look where I am now! :P

Also, my next stretch will be my septum from a 10 to and 8, then from an 8 to a 6 and after that I'll work on stretching my lips up to a 10.

also. 225/45/16 and 205/45/16. Need somewhere to put that. :P


Originally Posted by marvin-martian View Post
So yesterday morning I had a hernia operation done. Afterwards he told me I had a "whopper of a hernia." Now I have zero appetite, can't really stand or move much at all. Peeing For the next few days I will be perpetually tired and sore. Wwwweeeeeeee!
That sucks marv man! How bad was your hernia? My friend has one, he's super overweight though... He needs to get his fixed as his is popping out all the time and is always causing him pain. Hope you feel better man! If you have a webcam lets chat tonight if you're up to it! Might be drunk! :P
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