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Default Re: Pure Excess Industries

Originally Posted by chl2onic View Post
nice write up druid. I'm still waiting for my bottle. Did you get a chance to use the oil in combination with Pure Lube by any chance? I ordered both, so I could use the lube on my r/t and cyclone, but I wonder if pre lubing, then oiling the clamshells will yeild even less friction, or if the lube's thicker consistancy makes the oil a better buy.
No, I've only ordered and used the oil. The Lube's designed to be thicker....for those who would tear their marker apart on every cleaning. The Oil was designed for those who's idea of cleaning/lubing is to shoot it through the asa and never open the marker, save for a problem that required that
I'm not sure how mixing the two would'd either thin out the thicker stuff or thicken the thinner stuff - if they are even able to be mixed at all.

Originally Posted by DRAGON View Post
So um........says will ship on 9/28-10/1 and you still haven't received it? Sounds like a great deal. Where do I sign? -
Well, the link I originally posted on 10-09-09 was the preorder page. Try a different link on the website for the current one?
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