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Default Predator Board for the Ego

I was just on Tag Sportz website and it appears their Ego Predator board is finally ready. Price is $160, no pictures as of yet.

  • Unlimited firing modes
  • Lifetime FREE code upgrades
  • Legal in ALL tournament series
  • 14+ base firing modes
  • Breakout mode
  • 3 PSP modes (or create your own and save it on the chip)
  • NXL mode
  • True semi or assisted semi
  • Tournament lock
  • Multiple RAMP modes
  • Eye on and Eye off rate of fire
  • Eye can be controlled by trigger
  • Unlimited rate of fire or capped rate of fire
  • Anti Bolt Stick - Fully programmable with delay time and amount
  • The most advanced eye logic in the sport
  • The most advanced trigger logic in the sport
  • You can determine how fast you have to shoot to start the ramping
  • You can determine how many shots you have to fire before the ramping starts
  • Complete timing control
  • Over a dozen registers for custom settings
  • Simple trigger programming
  • 6 month warranty

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