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Default Re: Whats minimum pressure?

Thnx Sonik, that was on my mind, but again I have to till weekend (or even more). My gang uses HPA only, and there are very few that use CO2, so it is kinda hard to get it refilled. PB equipment is very expensive here. New 12oz bottle with valve is around 50 USD, and used are not much cheaper. Still, I cann borrow one, but it will take some time.

I've arranged with my buddy to get HPA refill before Sunday game, but in meantime I've discovered somehting else:
A few days ago a remote hose with gauge arrived, that I've got over ebay (link).
The gauge on it says much lower pressure, about 700 PSI. It is a brand new gauge and it looks to me that this one could be more precise then the one on the bottle. Bottle is 1.5 liter (92 CI ?) 4500 PSI Crossfire that I bought few weeks ago, and was about 2 yr old. Previous owner said that it was regulary used during first yr, but very rerely during last 10-12 months. (To contradict high prices here, people are very nice and honest and I'm inclined to trust him.)
Now, I know the high-pressure gauges are not precise on lower pressures, but this looks like quite a diff in readings...

Here are the pics:
(bottle much lower now, due to experimenting)

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