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Default Re: Whats minimum pressure?

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the 1100 in your tank is going to run out very fast. your going to need to fill it to make the marker work as it should.
Erm, I know. But that's all I have left from 2 weekends ago, and I do not need to play full game right now, I just want to test Q-loader for possible chopping. I thought it will be enough for some 10-20 balls, but it will not recock at all. Cannot test Q-loader with manual cocking properly
And its kinda hard to fine tune stuff when there are people around you having fun
I wanted to test it before this weekend. I hope I will be able to fill up the bottle before then, but now I'm mostly curious about minimum pressure needed for automatic recocking and how to lower it, not how long the 1100 will last. In fact, it is still at 1100
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