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Default Re: Hopper recommendations?

Originally Posted by vwjimmy
I vote for at least a used 'Eggy' and here is my reason: FORCE FEEDING!!!
HALO TSA, Ricochet AK, and Revvy's are 'agitating' hoppers...they stir up the paint to help it feed faster....
Eggys, Fastas, HALO Bs, VLositys are all 'force fed' hoppers meaning they actually push the paintdown the feedneck. This is the best, and fastest way to supply paint to a marker. Used Eggys are probably the cheapest force fed option out there...and they are pretty fast too....more than enough for your marker!
My .02
By technicality the eggy isn't force fed, but thats mostly irrelevant, its very fast none the less.
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