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Default Avoid TheBigWholesale on eBay

Bought a thermal smoke lens for my goggles and a gas trhu grip for my gun, first the guy informs me he hasn't shipped after a month of waiting, this excuse was that they are a Fireworks Wholesaler and are selling paintball products on the side. Regardless of what you're selling a customer is a customer. For the record, Ilive in Canada and it does take a while to get things up here, but not that long! To make it up to me, he told me it'd be shipped priority, low and behold after the 6-10 days it should take, it isn't here. Also in that time I filed a dispute, thinking if he's shipping priority, it'll be here before it was up, and Paypal has automatically closed it because I hadn't escalated it in the 20 days as I've been negotiating with the guy.

Between negotiating with the seller and the original auction itself I've been waiting almost a month and a half to receive a package. Not to mention it looks like he waited until the dispute was up to see if I'd escalate it or not. I'm not mad about losing the cash (about $40) I'm much angrier about the fact that I gave the guy a chance to redeem himself and he basically threw it back in my face.

Should the product arrive I may edit this post, if not, I'll also add the feedback from eBay itself.
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