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Default Re: Kerry's statements

Originally Posted by Jimmyd24
kerrys statement was stupid but,
can someone name one thing that the republicans have done for us in office,
WHERES OSAMA BIN LADEN, its been five freckin years and we have satellites that can zoom onto the earth witin like twenty feet, googleeart?.
Also, did anyone happen to see president bushes state of the union address for this year, well to get to the point, he hasnt done one thing that he says that he was going to do.
all the republicans ever talk about is tax cuts, but thee thing peoiple forget to realized is that these tax cuts for the middle classs are only like 100 a year, for me at least, the majority of the tax cuts that they talk about are for the super rich, this needs to change
did you know that 98% of our nations wealth is held by 2% of our populaiton, thats messed up.
and did you notice that as soon as election time roll around and the republicnas realize that their approval ratings are ****ty (32% for bush), the gas prices mysteriously begin to drop, not a conincidence.
also, what are we doing in Iraq, seriously, and please dont ayone question my patronage, i love america with all my heart, but what did Suddam ever do to us. nothing, and dont even try to say 9/11, do some research pleaswe. Osoma bin laden and Suddam Hussein hate each other, the one is a shi'it and the other is a sunni, they are constantly at war with one another. we go into iraq saying that their ppeople are being abuswed, but what about all the poeple in africa that are starving to death and are at constant war and genocide with one another, anyone eveyr herard about the problem in the congo and other parts of africa, is because maybe that their black and that their was oil in iraq, i say yes
did you also know that china more or less owns our asses, we are in 9.2 trillion dollars of debt, 9.2 trillionnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, china and other countries such as saudi arabia give us this lona this money, what happens when they want to collect, were screwedddedddddddddddddddddddddddddd

so i beg you, dont let kerrys stupid ass comment effecdt your vote, vote democratic on november 9th

if you support the democratic party, put it in ur sig

haven't done one thing??? Are you living in America? Do you own your own home? Do you pay less at the pumps? Do you have a job? If you say yes to any or all of those then yeah sure Bush and the Repubs haven't done anything for ya.
Romans 6:23
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