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Default Re: Hob needs new mask, guide him!

If I were you I'd go try on some at the closest paintball store. I was recently in the same situation, and went down to the store and tried every pair they had on. I'm not sure that is an option for you but mine is only 3 miles away so its easy for me to run down there and check things out. Here is what I found though:

Dye i4s - Light, comfortable, good field of vision, they are kind of small though, you definitely need try them on before you buy them. On me I had about 1/2" of my chin/jaw exposed, and I don't have a big head. These are also probably the most expensive mask out.

Empire E-Vents - Slightly heavier than the i4s, but they are bigger so that is expected. Covered my face easily. Field of vision was pretty good, i4s had a slightly larger field of vision but barely. One of the nice features of the E-Vents is they are easy to take apart to clean. These are on the upper end of the price spectrum.

V-Force Profilers - Nice mask for the price. Great field of vision, pretty comparable to the i4s and E-Vents. Very comfortable, easily covers everything that needs to be covered. Biggest draw back are the clips that hold the lens in, they can be a bit tricky. This is actually the mask I just got, not because it was better than the rest, but because of the deal I got. I actually wore this mask last September when I played Castle Conquest in PA. I have no complaints about them. Before I tripped across the deal I got these it was either Empire E-Vents or these.

V-Force Grillz - Besides actual look, I didn't see a big difference between these and Profilers. I think they are slightly smaller than the Profilers, but not a huge difference. These were still very comfortable and the only reason they weren't on my short list is because I don't like how they look

Invert Avatar - I think these are a good deal. The store that I go do did not have these but everything I have read about them lead me to one thing, they are E-Vents.

Thats all I got.
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