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Default Huge Paintball Sale (Ion, Spyder, Hoppers, Tanks, Packs, etc)

1. All prices are OBO
2. Post here before PMing me
3. Trades can be accepted, just offer up
4. Shipping is NOT included
5. I do NOT ship first
6. Feedback is in my Sig
7. Need more pics ?? Just ask
8. I will not ship under $10 unless I have other shipments I need to make

Ipod Touch
Snowboard (150-160cm)
Offer up


NDZ Body
Freak Barrel w/ .687 insert
CP Shorty regulator
CP Rake Trigger
Lever Clamping Feedneck
On/Off ASA
L7 Bolt
Note: Does not include eyes ($5 max to buy at a paintball store)
(Empire Reloader B and Tank not included)

Smartparts Ion (Almost Completely UP'd): $175 OBO (Just offer...)

Black TL Body
NW Drop Forward w/ on/off
Modded AKA lightningbolt for Rear cocking
Modded VA for better flow
Dye Ultralite Barrel
Modded Frame for Lighter and Shorter Trigger Pull

Spyder TL - $40 OBO : Willing to Part Out

Crossfire 70/4500 tank - SOLD


Eggy w/ Z-Board - Slight cracks, but works perfectly $25 OBO
Eggy - $20 OBO
Empire Reloader B - Cracks but works perfectly $30OBO


V-Force Profilers - SOLD

Pod Packs

5+4 Pod Pack - $20 OBO

2 Pod Pack - $7 OBO

Misc Parts

1. Ion Front Breech w/ Feedneck - SOLD
2. Spyder Body w/ Complete Internals - $15 OBO
3. ASA - $3 OBO
4. Steel Braided Hoses - $3 OBO
5. Barrel Socks - $3 OBO
6. 12g CO2 Adapter - SOLD
7. Red Dot Sight - SOLD
8. Stock Ion Board w/ broken button - OBO
9. CO2 Tank (Hydro ends 3/10) - $8 OBO
10. MISC Parts $OBO

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