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Default Re: How does a Shocker, Dm5, & Ion compare?

Yeah, ION Pro's are nice they give the first essential upgrades to an ION.. Minus the QEV.. But QEV's are only 15-20 bucks.. But, IMO are the best thing you can ever do to an ION..

The ION Pro is a good deal.. Comes with a Freak Jr. with a .693 insert.. Which is a little big, but atleast you wont be breaking paint because your bore is too small.. The Q-Lock feed neck is the nicest in the business IMO.. The Rail and on/off is also very good.. I have the same rail and on/off and I love it..

So yea, pick up the ION along with a Smart Parts 360* QEV and you are set for 320 bucks..

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