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I have this overwhelming feeling that I am going to get fired. I don't think I've done anything wrong but I just get an impression from my boss that he does not want me there. For the past week or two he has been questioning every line of code I write. I had to sit in his office with him for an hour to go through one of my programs after I told him there was an issue with the information coming into the program (a part that I didn't write). After testing every line in my code, he told me to test more in the morning and figure out what the issue was, still referring to my code. Today, I am working from home, and have been signed on for 3 hours, and have done NOTHING. All my projects are pending, I have asked multiple times for something to do and I get absolutely no response from him. I hate looking for a job, but but whether I get fired or not, I'm thinking I need to find somewhere else to work.

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