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Question Jersey Size Large or XL?

HEy guys im pickin up a 08 distorion jersey and i was just wondering what size should i get. i'm 5'9 165lbs. I tried a large one and it fit well it did have some extra room in but i wasnt sure if i should go one size bigger i dont want the jersey getting in the way of my hands like when shooting
Invert Mini Project

Invert Mini - Got it
New Barrel - Havent chose one yet
Red Empire Events -Got It
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Hopper - Empire Reloader B
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Red/Gold 08' Distorion Jersey - Got It
08' Distorion Pants - Got It
Orange Morphine Bolt - Got It
08 Distorion Elbow Pads - Got It
08 Distorion Knee Pads - Got It
08 Planet Eclipse RukSack - Got It
New Grips - Havnt Decided yet

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