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Default Re: E-MR1 chops (bad) - covering my bases

Just wanted to follow-up. Marker appears to be behaving now. With the Trinity feedneck and Ricochet hopper on I didn't have a single chop at the game this weekend. I wasn't running burst or auto, but in the past I was chopping in single shot mode anyway. So the performance this weekend was a noted improvement. The only problem I did have, was twice (seemingly after switching out CO2) the marker was shooting very very slow. Slow enough not to register on the chronograph at the park. In both cases pulled the bolt & striker, made sure that everything was oriented properly and that the rubber o-ring/buffer wasn't hanging the spring up somehow, then reassembled. After that, on both occasions it was immediately fixed. I don't know what is happening there but I'm wondering if the rubber buffer that goes around the spring isn't hanging or binding somehow. Anyone ever run into that before?
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