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Default Re: air-thru job (stock)

I highly doubt that those stocks will work with the MR2 as the only source for air into it is in the bottom of the receiver where the hardline goes in. From what I've seen, there are no existing air-thru kits for an MR2 made by anyone. However, it is possible to modify your gun for air-thru; I have done it and I know of one other who did it, to an MR1 I believe. If you drill into the space behind the plug where the front shroud attaches to, tap it for a macroline fitting, then run macroline down into/attached to your stock and into a nipple for a remote line, you will have an air-thru stock. However, this is not just something you should grab a drill and try to do. If you want to do it yourself like I did, pm me and I will be happy to help and provide pictures and some critical info (mistakes I made that'll save you time and frustration).
If you want to see pictures of mine check out this forum;
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