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Default Expanding VA flow

Well, I'm back at it, this time, I've returned to my stock VA. I had previously forgotten it existed after epoxying the volumizer on. In any case I've taken a big 'ole drill to it, and the hole that goes directly in to the valve chamber is 3x the size of the one I had before. Now my only questioning has been, how many threads to I need on the va to secure it? I want to just rip the hole even bigger, but if I can't hold the VA on, it'll be pointless.

So, anyone have any suggestions as to this, how many full threads do you think it'll take to hold the screw in?

I plan on using PLENTY of teflon on the screw, so hopefully I shouldn't have to worry about a leak too much. If copious amounts of teflon fail, it'll be JB weld time.

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