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Default July Non Spyder of the Month

This was supposed to be done in July, so I just call this the July of the month thread.

Due to the overwhelming response yesterday and today, I have to make two different polls on this again (mainly because of the 10 picture/poll option allowance.) Soooooo, what that means is that I'll take the top 3 from this poll and add them with the top three of part B poll and make a whole other thread when this one is up.


Please do not discuss whose gun is in the picture. If you know, keep the secret! You may discuss it in this thread...just not whose it is!

NO OTHER PICTURES ALLOWED in this thread....

Vote for the non spyder you like best or feel is the best upgraded gun!

Have a great time!

***Edit - if the picture submitted was significantly larger than the size limit, a link was provided instead. This is to cater to our 56K users!***

Also note that guns were not selected for any particular poll. They were submitted in order of PM's I received.

Poll closes in 7 days!

1. VSC Phantom pump, brown and green over black acid wash, 12 gram changer with matching T stock.

2. Smart Parts Vision Shocker, SP Q lock, NDZ Stinger v3 bolt kit, SP VA with guage, Ton Ton Frame, NDZ Slik Trigger, Virtue board, SP S Rail, NDZ EZ Bleed ASA with on/off, Dye Stickies, Full Freak kit.

3. 2006 Smartparts Ion,Virtue Board, Dye Membrane Pad, Virtue Blue Laser Eyes, Virtue EZ-On, Foehn v2 Body Kit, TechT L6 Bolt, CP Long Regulator, CP Sling Blade Trigger, SP Q-Lock Feedneck, CP 2K5 ASA w/bleed, SP 360 QEV, 2K6 Freak Back w/SS inserts, Stiffi Mamba Tip, SP Mini Drop, 2K6 Hybrid Contract Killer Grips, Kila Reaction Ball Detents, NDZ Snatch Grip

4. Warped ULE Mag: ULE Warp Left body, Classic Valve, Level 7 Bolt, Intelliframe, Shocktech #2 drop with ASA, Warp Feed, Classic Rail, Benchmark Foregrip, DYE Stickies (OS)

5. 06 Ego, Jet Black w/ Gun Metal Accents and Newly Anodized Freak Back and C-Lever Feedneck, Stiffi Front, Lucky Air Assist Valve w/ Light Valve Spring, Nexus Bolt, Delrin Bolt Pin, Hybrid 06 Lady Grips

6. WAS'd Imp
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