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Default Re: Welcome Back Old Friend

Originally Posted by buffblackbird2002 View Post
I must say, very nice car. Being a Earnhardt fan, what makes it a Dale Earnhardt edition. Not doubting it is what you say it is, im just curios.
The hood is not vented, but it is ducted, forced air through the front rather than vents on the hood, stock engine is a 350 HO with race inspired parts from edelbrock and other aftermarket companies rather than a 305HO or a standard 350, the grill is all one piece and ducted rather than 2 pieces with fog lights in the middle of it, the lines are slightly different although negligible to most, the convertible top. And the VIN

Personally I hate nascar but you cant go wrong with a car inspired by it. (unless we are talking monte carlo and taurus)

And Chris, line it up my friend, and then you can talk.
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