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Lightbulb New Empire Prophecy loader.....

OK, I got a e-mail tonight w/a link to a teaser vid which was pretty obscurred. Like a bunch of clouds with some windy noise in the background. The hopper was behind the clouds so that's why the thing was obscurred. I didn't even watch it all the way through cuz I'm kinda busy right now but.....

Seems Empire is releasing a new hopper pretty soon. From the obscure vid it showed the profile which resembled a HALO. At one portion of the vid the hopper split in two like it was modular or something. Maybe something similar to the DYE hopper, IDK. After that point I split off from the vid so that's it lol -

OK, don't wanna give you too much info as your head may explode.......

But anyway, look for the Prophecy cuz it's just around the corner. If I can get any pics I'll post them. If anyone else has any post them so we can see what's up with this -
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