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Originally Posted by DFSniper View Post
take your time josh.

i swear this girl defies every rule in the book. she knows i like her, we spend a lot of time together, but doesnt know where i stand relationship-wise. i thought we had something going, but now im second guessing myself. texted her today to see if she wanted to go to the movies. she said shes doing laundry, but told me i could come over if i wanted. apparently she had A LOT of laundry to do, and most of the time i was there, she was on her laptop looking at houses for sale. then when i left, somehow we got on the topic of me being bored there. i was like yeah, i kinda hoped we'd actually do something, and she goes, well, i didnt want to watch a movie because id have to pause it whenever i checked on laundry. so i was basically like ok, whatever, kinda wish we had actually hung out more and left.

ive been reading up on pick-up artists (staying away from the sleaze-ball stuff) and i think i may have to start pushing her away and see how she reacts.
I haven't read anything but that was similar to what I did. One night when I went to bed I said "I'm not going to text her at all tomorrow. Not 'Good morning', not 'Hi', not 'How you doing?', nothing" So by 10:30-11:00, I get a message from her saying, "Good morning? Is everything okay?" So she was thinking about me. I'm not sure what your guys routine is but if you text her "good morning" every morning, try not doing it.
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