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Default Re: Oblivion mods are fun

Originally Posted by durrell
I just can't see Oblivion being any fun. I played it for 5 minutes and got bored of the spells and magic it was talking about. I'd much rather play an FPS or driving game.
the tutorial is lame, once you get out of that the game is hella addicting, IMO main quest is the worst one cuz i hate oblivion gates. Assassin's guild is pretty awesome. you would love shivering isles though... the missions that the main guy gives you get pretty psychological, especially since the dialog is hilarious but makes no sense until you beat the whole thing. BTW durrell, spells are lame at low levels... you can't do much till you are halfway there, I only use them as a crutch right now, fighting is where it gets fun. Enter the arena or fighters guild.
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