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Default Re: Oblivion mods are fun

Originally Posted by Ace24
That game looks poorly built.
wait? are we still talking about OBLIVION... the "RPG Game of the Year", oblivion?

it looks shotty because he made like 100 different effects invisible for the pokemod. most of the people shown are under a "frenzy" spell which makes them attack everyone. not to mention he has chameleon effects and what looks like an invicibility cheat on. Besides, most battle animations that are good only consist in one state, where players have to be in the right position to take part in the animation, so anywhere in the range moves them there first, which looks horribly fake until the battle takes place. Oblivion uses a system where you can take part in battle from multiple angles and it animates it on the spot, which is much more difficult to do and looks alot better at high settings, since it will have algorithms and calculations running constantly. Toned down versions (changing PC settings so it runs faster) may have been used which generally disable some algorithms at the sake of things looking a little worse.
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