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Default LP problems

i have a electra 05 ACS rocking trigger,
upps for LP are, DH Titainium striker, 32* spring set, NDZ valve, AKA 2 Liter reg, 15* assault block, Crossfire HP 68/4500.

Set up at present is stock valve spring, light main spring, 280fps @ 350 PSI.
when i dry fire the marker, it rips and has no problems.
when i start shooting balls(good quality)with no chops or barrel breaks at all, at a LOW RATE of FIRE, marker is working fine.
when i shoot balls at a VERY HIGH RATE of FIRE, the gun will burp and de-cock after about 20 -30 balls.
on full auto at 13bps, it will last for about 2 secs then burps and decocks.

why would it only do this when shooting balls and not when im dry firing ?

i must have put about 2 cases through the new reg, and thats not including the dry firing ive been the reg should be ran in by now.

tried all different spring combinations, same results.
tried between 250 - 500 psi, same results.

marker is spotless inside out, lubed , even put a few drops in ASA to lube the REG.
tried using stock striker same results.
sears looks fine, cup seal is fine , O-rings good. battery fully charged,

what bugs me is it will rip none stop down to the last ounce in the bottle, but when i start shooting paintballs at high rof , it just wont happen?

any one help ?
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