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Default Re: UPDATE: on the Spydar and the Autocockar - 56K I have some bleach if you want it.

Originally Posted by ooglieboogliebob
Nope ... not only credit cards ... they can send the o-rings right to your house, then you havta pay the bill after w/ check, or MO

BTW nice minipurse next to your yellow cup

Tim ... he has no time making it clean ... it's a prototype
Actually, that's not a mini purse (whatever the hell that is) it holds nail clippers. My mom has like 20 of them, and I've broken about all 20 of the nail clippers. They're pretty cheaply made...

And Tim, yeah. It's messy. I want to get it to work before I take hours to smooth and sand it out/polish it.
Good times, good times.
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