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Thumbs up 07 Draxxus Tournament pants

Well guys, just to let you know this is my first review so dont be to hard on me please, but I can take costructive critisism

This is just a review on first impressions and doing some sliding on grass, I will update the review if I hit a winter tourney

Looks: These are nice looking pants, Period. They are very sleek.
Available Colors-Red, Black, Olive, Camo

__________________________________________________ ___________

Feel: I tried them on the second I got them. They feel like a dream! I loved my Proto 04 pants but these blow them out of the water! The underlaying mess feels great. They are very breatheable, and not constricting.

__________________________________________________ ____________

Padding/Build: Padding overall was a big AAA++++! They reenforced everything. They have G.R.E.A.T knee protection. There is great padding too, they have a special pad for your butt, that runs all the way up to protect your tailbone also. They are built nicely, VERY nicely might I add, I looked them over for a long while and they have a nice mesh underlining with nice thick fabric outside. The knee's are probly the most important to me and they did a great job on those as well. The pants have a zipper and velcro fly, they zip then velcro overtop. They are also very good at holding with the adjustable waist. I usually take medium pants but these are larges, I tightend them up all the way (to my 28" waist and they hold strong) I have noticed from friends that JT teams rip at the top of the knee seam. Well DXS did a nice job of trying to eliminate that by putting a piece of elastic in between knee pads. Nice Job Draxxus!

__________________________________________________ ___________________

Slidding: I just tried them out on the carpet and what little grass I could find and they work very well. Will be Elaborated on

Well the grading scale-
Feel-also a 9
Build/Padding-perfect 10
Slidding-9.5: TBU*
Overall score-9.3

Will get my own pics up later when camera is charged

Thanks for the pants VS3 Sniper I love them!
*To Be Updated

Give me pointers!
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