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Question I've been thinking...

i've been thinking over the past few days (something i find myself doing too much of during summer vacation) and the title "Veteran Forum" sends out the wrong message. the title makes it sound like anything non-spyder related is better than spyders and should be in here, or that if you don't consider yourself a vet, you shouldn't post. i know when i started playing and hung out on the old forum, i didn't even dare to venture here because i thought everything in here was over my head. i think a more appropriate title would be "General Paintball Forum." i'm not sure what the webmaster had in mind when he/she/they created the sub-forums, but the vet forum isn't just about high end markers or advanced tech talk, but it encompasses everything paintball that is non-Kingman, including other low-end guns and advice topics to and from beginners.

just thought i'd throw this out there to see what the mods and regulars have to say on the topic.
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