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Default Spyder VS1, Tippmann 98, Spyder sonix, Psychoballistics cocker, barrels F/S/T

Hey members of the spyder community today I have a few things for sale or trade looking get enough money to buy another gun since the last one I purchased was jacked from my porch while not home.
1. I will not ship first under no circumstances unless you have excellent feedback and are at least 20+!!
2. No lowballs here I know what I have and what its worth and it has all been well maintained by myself!!
3. I will only accept paypal, or USPS MO
4. Packages will be shipped with Tracking #,Insurance,Delivery confirmation this will be done to give you and myself peace of mind in the shipping process!! Please Note:All prices are without shipping included!
5. No flaming in my thread if you do you will be reported and ignored!!
6. All guns are pictured the way they will come to you and all guns have only used compressed air on them CO2 creates too many dirty problems.
7. Thanks for looking and hope we can work out a deal!!
Willing to trade all for a working DP Fusion F7/F8
Not wanting anything that is already listed in the sales thread here.
Please post here then PM me about what you are offering or your price!
Now onto the goods:

1. This is my Psycoballistics Cocker that i have just recently purchased and play with only a 2 pods of paint through it bought it for 150 new added an aftermarket reg then parted out the reg and asa that I bought for it. Gun shoots good when I shot it last but then jumped out of time a hair. Gun needs to be timed and does not come with an asa or reg on it since I parted it out. SOLD TO VIKINGSHADOW

2. Next is my Tippmann 98 this gun has been my woodsball gun for years til I upgraded to a 98C now it just sits in my closet collecting dust. The gun has bee completely lubed and cleaned and works flawlessly the only thing it is missing is a pin that holds the feedneck into the body of the gun still has one in it and still works like it should. Bought it for 165 new, SOLD To OUTLAW353

3. Next is my Spyder VS1 I have had this gun for about 5 yrs and have never had any problems with it at all. Has eyes and modes are semi, 3round burst. Has a few tool marks on the anno around the inline vertical adapter reg and has only used comp air and has only been used 2 times since purchase. SOLD To CAPT.INSAINO

4. Last for the guns is a Spyder Sonix. I picked this gun up in a trade and have never used it. Gun is functional but has a chipped striker in it but still holds air and shoots like it should. I am asking 50obo on this gun.

5. Next up is a Spyder Empire Barrel Kit has a front and 3 backs .687,.689,.691 all in excellent condition and has its own barrel case for it.
Asking 35obo

6. Finally is a Smart parts 14" Spyder threaded barrel dust black SOLD To CAPT.INSAINO, Also have a Freak back Spyder threads has some scratching in it from being tossed around in my gear bag. Bought it new for 50 Asking 25obo
My PBN Feedback +4 -0Old, New +3 -0 to make a combined +7 -0,
PBall Funds- $40

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