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Default Prototype Clear T2 Pump Handle

After sending out numerous request to the usual "paintball" machine shops and getting turned down by them all, all stating they wouldn't work with the material, I turned to a local shop that took on the job.

Sneak peek of prototype #1 of the T2 clear pump handle:

I had it milled from clear polycarbonate (same as lexan/bullet proof glass)

It is milled to the stock shape but has a few "ridges" milled into it much like the you would find on the CCM pump kits.

I didn't really get a chance to test it since this one was miscut, I only had it for about 5 mins. You can't really tell from the pic but the hole for the guide rod was drilled to short and it prevented the gun from even cocking all the way.

Its already back at the shop waiting in line again to get redrilled.

I'll get more pics when i get it back from the shop in a few days.

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