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Originally Posted by Xecutiv3
Awesome Timmy
Question: Would T1 internals slide right inside one of those Aim bodies(no milling or dremel work)?
Everything would fit and work fine except for a Timmy being 3/4' longer than a Spyder/Clone. If you where to hack 3/4' off the back or have a T1 ram extended 3/4' (insaine pain sports may do it out of delrin or nylatron) then you would be golden. However on the AIM and Lasoya style bodies where the bottom tube is open would expose the return spring

Originally Posted by aodsnyper
where did you get the stock Timmy bolt in black? i'm looking for one.

Not sure, it was in my gear bag. did have a black BL Hydro Bolt on there site a month ago.

Originally Posted by phatphil
True, how much did it cost ya to build this one?
I got about $966 in this give or take $20-$40 if I forgot something. Shoots great and money well spent.

Originally Posted by ttink
Thats very nice looking. i dont get the wannabe timmmy part tho....
Not a Timmy body so I call it a wannabe

The marker runs at LPR @ 65psi, HPR @ 150-160, and Dwell at 9ms if anyone was wondering.
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