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Default The gun that only took to me 6 years to finally get.....

The long wait is finally over

1 of 25 2004 Highlander AKA Viking
-Robtown Valve (air assisted valve)
-Mightymax Volumizer
-Tadao Ebisu board
-JMJ Nurvos trigger
-AKA Feedneck
-Warpedmafisto bolt pin
-Dye stickies

Previous owner had the board settings all messed up (actually had it on excal mode so it was trying to shoot as closed bolt gun ) so I wasted all the air i had left in my tank so I haven't been able to shoot it yet

Gun is just sexy as hell though, easily my favorite milling of all time.

Still can't believe I finally own one after all this time, the only time they would come up for sale is when I didn't have any cash. Glad I didn't preorder new timmy now

She will be headed to destructive customs for some more custom weight loss after I use her at Xball day on the 11th of next month. Going to swap out the frame to and then send her off to anno.

And yes there is dust all over it, I was to excited to take the time to clean it off first.

More pics:


Back to gun whoring.....

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