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Default Re: E-MR1 chops (bad) - covering my bases

Originally Posted by slim and shady View Post
you could also look into a acs bolt, I would have sugested a little better hopper though. if your outshooting the ak already you should have went with something a little faster and probably force fed.
Good call. You're probably right, and I was about to that same conclusion myself. Unfortunately I hadn't had the chance to really give the AK a run-through on the gun before I ordered it last week. Such is the way of things. The game this weekend is semi-auto anyway, so I should be good for the weekend then I'll sell it to a friend. Anything more than burst (for me anyway) burns through more paint that I want to use. The reason I brought up the feedneck is because even with the Ricochet the balls seemed to hang up in the neck. Plus I'm worried about breaking it in play. Neck is on order, hopper is on order... now we wait. Thanks for the assistance gentlemen.
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