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Default Re: OMG!!!! My dog just bit the mailman!

do yourself a favor vike, put it down now, b/c it's never going to get better, it's gonna bite again and it will probably end up being one of your kids, do it now before they get even more attached.

i speak from personal experience we also have a vicious dog (chow chow) packs alot more punch than a little mop like yours, he's bitten on several occasions but my mom is so attached she refuses to put it down, so i have to live with that damn dog that i hate.

about 1 month ago he bit our neighbor on the arm and he had to be hospitalized for an infection, since then he's attempted to bite 2 more people, completely unprevoked, but my mom wont get rid of him, my dad and i have both offered to take care of it but she refuses... save yourself bills and headaches and get rid of it now.

dont mean to sound harsh but it's true.
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