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Default Re: How many guns have you ever owned?

I had close to 90, I played with all of them for atleast one game minus a few. Got alot of them local for cheap and resold them on pbn for more.

I am in KC right now so I can't look back at pics so off the top of my head I know I had:

-Eclipse Cocker
-07 Vicious Ego
-07 Ego
-Blue/black Phantom
-Orracle Cocker
-White '06 Timmy
-Alias Timmy
-Black/white Nexus ego
-Blue/blue Nexus Ego
-BW SL66 Ego
-Silver '06 Ego
-Black '05 Ego
-Black/silver Alias
-Tremor Shocker
-Black SFT Shocker
-Green/Black Phantom
-'04 DC Viking
-Silver/Black DM6
-Silver/Red DM6
-Red/Black DM6
-Black DM6
-Black UL DM5
-Red/black DM7
-Red/Black PM5
-Black PM5
-'04 unmilled Viking
-Rage A1
-Silver A1
-Red '06 Cyborg
-Custom built lotus cocker
-Half block black magic cocker
-Ironmen timmy
-Red shocker
-Spyder se
-Bob long millenium
-Custom built ion
-Stock ion
- 2k4 cocker
-Silver '05 ego
-Black/silver pm5
-Red '06 ego
-Blue sft shocker
-Red/red DM6
-Black Dm4
-Black sft shocker
-Black '06 ego
-Silver/silver DM6
-Red PM5
-Eblade 2k3 cocker
-Pump 2k4 cocker

Back to gun whoring.....

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