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Default Re: Psp and NPPL Merging

Walking, to me, isn't skill. It's a stunt that you've trained your fingers to do. Shooting fast and accurately hitting something WHILE running is a skill.....Accuracy with 1 shot is a skill. Being able to read a field so well as to know 7 moves ahead of what's happening is a skill. But, normal walking the trigger that you see in videos, just spraying paint, isn't a skill in my eyes. So you can shoot fast with your fingers....Whooo Hoooo!

Another controversial idea is that semi really isn't semi anymore. People do so much tweaking to their triggers that it really isn't a "true" semi - 1 shot per pull - semi. Most of the times, after tweaking the trigger so much, the person may think they're pulling 1 shot at a time, but the gun is actually adding shots. It's a physical fact that the human fingers can only move so fast. Anything over 16 or so bps is electronically aided. You want true semi? Use a pump at pump fields and play pump games and pump tournaments. That's the only way you'll get true semi these days.

I have a whole article about it in one of my mags....I'll see if I can find it and get it posted. Made me do a lot of "Wow, I didn't realize that!"

I know this is going to cause a stir with a couple of people here, but I see nothing wrong with a 15 bps cap and PSP ramping. Everyone is shooting the same speed, so that leaves tactics, communication and ability. No more lopsided, artillery-loaded teams if everyone is restricted to the same speed.

Now, disclaimer before hot heads get out of control. This is my opinion. Take it or leave it. I may have a totally different one 6 months from now, but this is the opinion I've had for about 6 months now...I don't see that it's changed much.
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