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Default Re: I'm back again... so what have I missed?

Originally Posted by VagabondStarJXF View Post
Are the forums a lot slower paced and less populated nowadays? Or am I just having problems with my browser? 2 days in a row now I've clicked on the New Posts tab and it's come up with nothing...
So the forums are slower AND I'm having probs with my browser. I'm having this same problem on a couple of other forums and I don't know how to fix it. If anyone's got any suggestions... I'm using the latest version of IE and Firefox doesn't like being on my laptop. I've got these forums cookies authorised aswell.

Originally Posted by vikingshadow View Post
I'm the watchman. I watch everything, but don't post a lot anymore...

Originally Posted by shunut View Post
I don't really do them too much anymore, just don't have the time or funds. I have a couple in the works, but need the time to work on them. I would really love to get back into building them, as I loved to do it. Maybe once I finish my car and school, I'll have the time, and money.
I hope you can get back on them sometime. I'm on other forums and it seems almost all the decent aluminum killers have stopped doing what they'd done so well.

Originally Posted by TheDarkShadow View Post
yeah the forums are slow and nowadays there is more talk about non paintball stuff then paintball stuff. which is probably due to the fact that most of the regulars dont play anymore
That's not the news I was hoping for but kinda what I'd thought was up. Again it's kinda the same story on other forums.
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