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Talking Re: Hoppers

No one has really mentioned the Force.

There are 2 versions. With Eyes for around $70 and without for $25. I have the one without eyes. It is a little bit of a pain not having eyes, the loader runs as promised and has no problem loading 18-20 balls/sec. Inside is a feed bowl with a 6 blade propeller.

I would look at the Force Eyes next time, but hey for $25, I am not complaining.

Both will stay right with all the above mentioned hoppers.

Only downside, is the size. It is not contoured around the feed bowl like the others. It actually comes straight down in the back, so it is a little wide, but nothing major.

I did modify mine a bit. I replaced the pushbutton switch with a toggle. I also removed the original switch, harnesses and board.

I replaced with my own stuff. It now holds 2 rechargable 9 volts (9.6 volts) and I also installed a charging jack on the side. It runs all day and lacks not power. Probably due to the 2 battery system. It also charges over night.
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